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Hurricane Window Protection

Why is it important to protect your windows?

Window protection laminates are used to curb some of the destruction buildings encounter from the damage associated by the forces of hurricanes or other sever environmental factors. While nothing can completely stop the destructive force of extremely violent natural disasters, security film can reduce the risk of injuries by helping to keep the glass inside its frame. The typical hurricane has 100 times the strength of a thunderstorm. Each minute of a hurricane is equal in destructive power to the force of a hydrogen bomb.

When the high speed winds of a hurricane act on a structure, pressures are exerted on the exterior walls. Winds gusting in excess of 150 miles per hour create a positive pressure on the windward wall, and winds deflecting around the structure create negative pressure on the side walls, the rear wall and the roof. If the 'envelope' of the building is broken due to flying debris, the wind will pressurize the interior of the structure in addition to the negative pressure.

This newly formed positive internal pressure, combined with the uplift already acting on the roof, makes the roof considerably more likely to completely detach from the structure.

Click here to download this hurricane building diagram.

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