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Measuring Your Windows for Window Security Film

Getting Started

The first thing that you should do is measure the windows that you intend to secure with window security film.

Please Note: Window security film is measured and installed on the inside surface of the window, it is not applied to the outside.

What you will need before you get started:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Pencil
  3. Paper or a notebook
  4. Calculator
  5. This measuring guide

Measuring your windows

  1. Using a sheet of paper, do a rough sketch of the window layout as shown in the example diagram of step 4.
  2. Measure each pane of glass (only the glass area, do not include the window frame) and write the measurement in inches next to the top, side or bottom of the pane that was measured.
  3. Label each pane of glass on your diagram with a letter of the alphabet; this will help you work out how much film you need to purchase. Keep a copy of the diagram, as it will be helpful when installing the film.
  4. Window Pane Sketch:
  5. The next step will require you to overlay each of the sketched window panes onto a diagram representing a roll of film. This will become your ordering plan.
  6. Using another piece of paper draw a long vertical box, this represents the length of film and label the heading of the box as 60” wide. Using the measurements taken in step 2 arrange the window panes so as to make the best use of film width and to minimize film waste.
  7. Film ordering plan:
  8. 8. At the bottom of the diagram, add up the sizes of each window in your diagram to come up with the total linear measurement – i.e. 20+20+48 = 88” total length.
  9. Next convert your total length to number of 12" (1 foot) linear feet units. For this example, we divide the total length by 12" and have the total number of linear feet needed to purchase. i.e. - 88" / 12" = 7.33 linear feet - Since the window security film is sold in full linear foot increments, we will need to purchase 8 linear feet of window security film for our example windows.
  10. With careful arrangement of the windowpanes (step 4 above) onto the film ordering plan (step 7 above), you may be able to minimize the amount of film needed. Any surplus film you have after cutting film can be used to practice installation on a small window or piece of glass.
  11. Take your time and work out how much film you really need. When the film arrives and you are ready to install, carefully follow the installation instructions and practice with some film off-cuts. Most importantly just take your time.
  12. Please call us if you have any questions concerning these measuring instructions. We are standing by to help – (800) 856-8731.

Caution & Disclaimer - toolkits contain a variety of razor sharp blades and knives, absolutely no responsibility will be taken by Web Commerce Partners or DIYWindowSecurity.com for any injury or damage caused, either to person or property, by the use or misuse of any of the blades, knives or other tools. Use of any of the tools constitutes acceptance of these conditions. Neither shall responsibility be taken for the suitability of any window film purchased; user shall accept all responsibility for the suitability and application of the window film/s. Neither shall any warranty or guarantee apply to either the film or installation. Glass that is damaged, cracked or chipped should be replaced prior to installation of film. Applying film to damaged glass may result in further cracking or heat/stress fractures and no liability shall be accepted for damage or injury, either direct or consequential, to any person or property resulting from the installation of window film.

Clich here to download a printable version of this Window Security Film Measurement Guide.

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