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Security Film Properties

Technical Specifications and performance information for ACE SL9 clear security film.

ACE SL9 Storm Defender window security laminates is made to withstand serious pressures from storms and intruders. The following information details the technical specifications for the SL9 Security Film.

SL9 Technical Specifications

Number of Layers 2
Thickness 9 mil (.009 inches) or 229 microns
Tensile Strength - The amount of force required to stretch or pull laminate to breaking point. 28,000 (pounds per square inch)
Break Strength in PSI (pounds per square inch) - Amount of pressure required to break through laminate. 221 PSI
Miami Dade Small Missile Test PASS

ACE security laminate has a unique pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive with peel back adhesive liner. Not a water based adhesive as with other laminates. This unique adhesive bonds with your window and avoids discoloration and or peeling seen in water based adhesives. Buy ACE Window Security Laminate today.

SL9 Solar Properties

UV Rejection 99%
Transmittance - Percentage of solar energy that passes through a window 10%
Reflectance - Measure of radiation absorbed in glass rather than transmitted or reflected 82%
Shading Coefficient - Measure of solar energy transmitted and absorbed by windows i.e the ability of the window to block solar energy .94
% solar energy rejected 17% (Helps save on cooling cost)

Third party testing results standards:

  • ANSI-Z97.1 Impact Resistant Safety Glazing
  • CPSC (consumer product safety commission)-16CFR, Part 1210 Cat I & II- Safety Glazing
  • ASTM E84, ASTM E90-97 ref to E413.87 and E1332.90
  • Bombs- General Service Administration- GSA 1 & GSA 2 ltd.

ACE Window Security Films are resistant to the following chemicals:

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide- Bleaching Agent
  2. Ethel Alcohol- Wines spirits
  3. Sulfuric Acid- Fertilizers
  4. Mercurochrome- Antiseptic
  5. Acetone- Nail Polish, glues
  6. Ammonium- Used for etching glass
  7. Sodium Hydroxide- oven cleaner paint stripper
  8. Methyl Benzene- perfumes detergents
  9. Ammonia- Windex and other household cleaners
  10. Chlorine bleach- swimming pools laundry detergents
  11. Naphtha- Degreaser
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