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Smash and Grab Intruder Protection

Smash and Grab Intruder Protection

Why is it important to protect your windows?

Not Even for a Second. Do not leave your window unprotected or you could become the victim of the next smash and grab crime. Security laminates assist in eliminating these worries by adding an effective 24/7 protective barrier on your windows. Protect your windows today before you become another statistic.

  • Many break-ins occur through glass - one of the easiest point of entry.
  • Apply Security Laminate on your “high risk” windows, basement, rear and side windows on lower levels.
  • Security Laminate holds glass together even when broken. Like an invisible shield protecting your home or business against theft vandalism or looting.
  • Security Laminates take away a thieves 2 most powerful weapons Speed and Ease
  • Security Laminate provides a virtually impenetrable barrier on you glass.
  • Makes windows and glass impact resistant

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